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Medical Transdermal Drug Delivery Patch

Functions of the PSA in the patch construction

  • Act as a drug reservoir
  • Act as a drug diffusion moderator
  • Act as an adherent to the skin

Considerations for medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)

  • Has to be biologically inert
  • Non-irritatant and non-sensitizing to skin
  • Confer good adhesive properties to the skin

Levera is among the very few companies in the region that have the combined pharmaceutical and PSA materials expertise to use Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technologies for Transdermal Drug Delivery Patch applications.

Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technologies provides a high ecological safety platform suitable for Transdermal Drug Delivery applications.

  • Adhesive compliance for skin contact
    • FDA(16CFR1500.41)
  • No skin irritation according
    • OECD-test 404
  • No cytotoxicity according
    • ISO 10993-5
    • EN 30993-5