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Recyclable Water-Removable Labels

With increasing environmental concerns, there is a need for recycling packaging materials such as glass bottles and plastic containers. This results in the need for labels to be efficiently removed from the packaging container (substrate), allowing it to be recycled easily.

To do so, a water-removable PSA label that can separate itself from the substrate under certain process conditions is required.

The water-removable capability would be more demanding when the label is made of synthetic materials and when the substrate is a material of high surface energy, such as glass and metal.

Levera is among the very few companies in Asia with the expertise to develop PSA label constructions that fulfill this water-removable specification for recycling processes.

Water-removable process conditions Specifications

  • 2% Caustic Soda solution (above pH 8.5) at >80 degrees C
  • PE / PP / PET substrate - within 20 minutes
  • Glass substrate - within 40 minutes

Product Feature: Water-removable Synthetic Label

  • Facestock: Clear Polypropylene Film
  • Printing: UV ink printable
  • Adhesive: Permanent Clear Acrylic PSA
  • Adhesive service temperature: -40 to 100 degrees C
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