1. Technical Consulting

Label Application Problem Solving; Offer Label Materials & Manufacturing Process Technical Advisory; Help in New Product Design & Specification Development.

Introduction to PSA Technology (PDF, 529KB)

2. Strategic Business Development

Offer strategic vision, ideas and direction; Help identify new application market, product & business opportunities; Help in presentation of your company's products and services and assistance in gaining access to new industries, customers, and help to form strategic alliance with customers & suppliers.

Future Trends of PSA Label Applications and Technologies (PDF, 945KB)

3. Training

Use of clear and concise communications skills and hands on demonstration tools to explain scientific and technical concepts on a full spectrum of PSA based materials application subjects to non-specialist audiences. Examples of a session content are available below.

Common Synthetic Label Material Properties and Applications (PDF, 694KB)

4. Application Development & Product Licensing

State of Art pharmaceutical knowledge and effective application of materials science and PSA based application technologies in the development of innovative products, we offers rapid and low risk new market entry opportunity for our customer in high value added industries through product licensing.

4.1. What Are the Advantages of Licensing

  • You get access to the experience and know-how that developed the product with development capabilities that you cannot afford.
  • You get to break into a new market with this new product, but with the benefit of the experience gained in another market.
  • You minimize your costs and risks:
    • You don't pay for expensive and time consuming research and development
    • You don't pay development costs up front; you pay royalties when you start making sales

4.2. Product Development & Licensing Opportunity

Trandermal Drug Delivery Patch for The Cosmeceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Introduction to Transdermal Drug Delivery Technologies (PDF, 1.18MB)